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105 m
46 m
11,13 km

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близу  Fern Ridge, British Columbia (Canada)

Track along the Little Campbell River, including a pioneer farmstead, with occasional field and mountain views. The surrounding area is horse country, expect to meet groups of riders on some trails.

In addition to the park walk, this track extends to the eastern pedestrian gate, and from there, a short distance along a wide-shoulder country road to a winery and gourmet bistro.
Turn right shortly after leaving parking lot heading south, onto the "Vine Maple Trail". A narrower, windy trail, with abundant native vine maples.
North Entrance Parking Lot. Outhouse Facilities.
View of the Little Campbell River Valley
see photo description
overlooks marshes along Little Campbell River
Through a small pedestrian gate in fence on the south side of trail. Climb small hill to view expanse of field.
A narrow shortcut to the Little Campbell River Bridge. Might be muddy in places.
Stellar Jay
East exit from park to country road, pedestrian gate only, no parking. From here track goes north along 216 Street
local farming and estate lifestyle on display
Marked horses and walkers - encountered several friendly groups of riders here
Alternate parking option, barn, horse-riding and jumping area
horse riding area. Open fields with jumps. Mountain views to north
Raised boardwalk and benches over a wetland. Track could easily be extended to include this area.
Ducks very active. Little Campbell River flows north and exits Park here.


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