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  • Слика од Moggill Forest Boundary Fence
  • Слика од Mill Rd intersection. Turn left
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Moving time  3 сата 47 минуте

Вријеме  4 сата 18 минуте

Број тачака 2832

Uploaded 10.11.2018.

Recorded новембар 2018

408 m
54 m
16,0 km

Погледана 142 пут(a), скинута са сервера 3 пут(a)

близу Anstead, Queensland (Australia)

Started at Wirribilla Street in Mt Crosby then went up Powerline Rd, Rocky Mt High then left at Mill Rd. Up and back. Not so much aerobically challenging as it is terrain challenging. The loose rocks aren’t bad on the way up, but coming down they suck. I slipped and fell flat on my bum at a fast pace! Youch. The views at Little Mermaid are to die for.... I would do it again but start at Mill Rd or North side. Rock Mt High is in desperate need of grading.

Powerline Rd meets Rocky Mt High


Moggill Forest Boundary Fence


Mill Rd intersection. Turn left


Keep left!!


Little Mermaid Lookout

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  • Слика од TracyV

    TracyV 10.11.2018.

    *** correction*** Wirrabara is the street I started.

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