1.583 m
253 m
27,19 km

Погледана 71 пут(a), скинута са сервера 3 пут(a)

близу Kovanluk (Serbia)

Almost completed Hawk way. Due temperature (more than 25 degrees) and lack of water (I bring more than 6 liters of water) decision was to stop at point Devojacki grob (Gril grave). Less than 1.5 hour to the Trem was left, but I decide to stop and go back.Next time I will better prepared - at first trail will be performed at Autumn (lowest outside temperature) and less water will be needed. Second starting time will be one and a half hour before.
Second day was reserved for Cegar hill - famous place where Serbian duke Stevan Sindjelic lost his life in a historic battle against the Turks. He shot from the mast in the underground barrack. All the Serb soldiers and many Turks were killed in a terrible explosion. In order to intimidate the Serbs, the Turkish grazing in the name of revenge and reprimand ordered that the Celeb Tower be built at the entrance to Nis from the skulls of the fallen Serb insurgents. There are 952 skulls in the tower, and today stands as a symbol of the struggle of the Serbs for independence.

Alfons de Lamartin (a French travel and writer) wrote in 1833 when he visited Cele Tower:

"Let the Serbs preserve this monument!"

He will teach their children how worth the independence of one nation, showing them how much their fathers paid for. "


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