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близу  Canhas, Madeira (Portugal)

Easy Levada Hiking but long. Nearly no height differences. For the reason you have to cross waterfalls and tunnels you should have rainproif jackets and a lamp. From Lombada along the Levada do Moinho to the End there is a nice Resting Area on the opposite side of the river (in Wintertime there is a Waterfall). Cross the river only if the water level is low (marked with stones). Than go back to the steps and 30m up to the Levada Nova. Here you go right and follow the Levada back to Lombada. Behind a Waterfall and trough a tunnel (in this Waterfall area my GPS was not working and the measured heights and the way are not right, but it is impossible to miss the trail) . In Lombada you have the possibility to visit a Bar which is direct on my trail. After you are refreshed you can follow the Levada Nova to Pico do Anjo. This part go trough the terraced valley of the river caxia. Take care about your steps because some temporary constructions look like they get destroyed if you pass them, but there was always a save way around. As well you have to pass a small tunnel and a bridge. Now you reach the Entrance to the Valley of Tabua and as well we follow the Levada Nova. At the End of the Valley you have as well the chance to visit a Cafe (follow the signs). Then you still follow the Levada until you reach Corujeira. In Corujeira you can go down to Apresentacao or to Ribeira Brava.


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