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близу  Hackett, ACT (Australia)

A longish, reasonably energetic walk from the Centennary Trail to the top of Mt Ainslie via the top of Mt Majura, with a variety of options for shortening.

For the full deal, take the bus 39/393 to the Aspinall St stop, head back up the street and into the reserve, and follow Clancy's Walking Track to the Centennary Trail, where you turn left and head towards the stairs over the fence (map here: https://www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=21117934). There's a nice view of Black Mountain and the 'Inner North' of Canberra through two trees along the way.

At the end of the mapped walk at Mt Ainslie, you can take the 'Kokoda Trail' down to the War Memorial (expecting to find refreshments for sale rather than the Imperial Japanese Army in a bad mood), or take any of numerous tracks down into the suburbs of Ainsle (rte 2 bus stops along Ebden Street).

For a more concentrated dose of up at the beginnging, get off the (9)39 bus stop at the Antill St and head up the obvious track (turning left at the Centennary Trail).

There are quick returns to the Hackett shops (there's nice coffee there) bus stop by road or track, which aren't too hard to follow, then the way down to the shops from McKenzie street is obvious. Starting from Phillip Ave and just going up the ridge and then Ainslie is also a possibility.

The 'upward path for adventure turnoff' on Majura leads to a trackless traverse of a grassy slope, or up a ravine; either way gets you to the top of Majura with less time on boring roads (bearing left and up = less road), and there are nice views.

If you are located near the ANU, and this seems a bit far away, Tim kane's Round about Mt Ainslie and others by him might be more suitable for you (they ought be on the 'hikes near this one' section, but aren't there yet, as of time of writing of this)


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