1.139 m
724 m
7,83 km

Погледана 1026 пут(a), скинута са сервера 51 пут(a)

близу  Srednji Vrh, Kranjska Gora (Slovenija)

A short climb to two nice waterfalls on the northen end of Triglav national park.
Grasp the great view of the mountains already from the parking lot.
The trail leads very quickly to the first of the waterfalls, almost without climbing, It's a three step waterfall. The Second waterfall is further, as the path climbs steeply through dense forest along a nice turquoise river. A worthwhile side trip to Ingotu planina for open views of the mountain.
+/-500m, 7km, 3hours

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    Outétwa 10.05.2018.

    I have followed this trail  проверено  View more

    Fine, a little bit difficult at the remaining snow

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