• Слика од Milanova Koliba - Ravna (day 34)
  • Слика од Milanova Koliba - Ravna (day 34)
  • Слика од Milanova Koliba - Ravna (day 34)

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Uploaded 24.02.2017.

Recorded фебруар 2017

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194 m
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близу  Tretište, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Босния һәм Герцеговина)

Hiking Via Dinarica Bosnia Herzegovina
Located on beautiful mountain Prenj, Međuprenje is a newly built hut just next to the old Milanova koliba hut. It is not completed yet, but is already in use. It has a small kitchen and its own water tank.<br />It is owned and managed by Mountain Club Prenj Glogo&scaron;nica 1979.
Milanova koliba is the old hut located next to the newly built Mountain Hut Međuprenje. It is used as a shelter where you can sleep and hide from the rain. You need to have your own sleeping bag and food.
On the forest road from Glogo&scaron;nica, at the former loggers base there is container set as a shelter. It has two beds, but you have to have your own sleeping bag and food. There's no electricity nor running water.
Me&scaron;ić household offer localy produced food and represents great spot for tasting local food such as cheese, cream cheese, pies etc. Apart from homemade food and farm products, the Me&scaron;ić family also offers mountain guiding , including alpine ascents and rock climbing which is an exceptional offer in this region.
<p>The members of this association have marked part of the Via Dinarica White Trail that goes from Jablanica via Ravna village to Mountain hut Međuprenje.</p>


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