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2.490 m
1.445 m
23,33 km

Погледана 990 пут(a), скинута са сервера 62 пут(a)

близу Bosača (Montenegro)

The full story of our Montenegro and Albania touring:
Day 1: (Podgorica to Tamarë bicycle tour)
Day 2: (Tamarë to Triangle Woodhouse Plav bicycle tour)
Day 3: (Prokletije bike loop)
Day 3: (Triangle Woodhouse Plav to Kralje bicycle tour)
Day 4: (Kralje to Kolašin bicycle tour)
Day 4: (Kolašin hike loop)
Day 5: (Biogradska Gora bike loop)
Day 6: (Kolasin to Žabljak bicycle tour)
Day 7: (Durmitor bike loop)
Day 8: (Žabljak to Podgorica bicycle tour)
Day 9: (Žabljak bike loop)
Day 10: (Durmitor (Žabljak - Bobotov Kuk - Zeleni Vir - Škrčka jezera) hike loop)

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  • BeActive 03.04.2018.

    Amazing schedule and endurance! Great job!

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