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близу  Tangalooma, Queensland (Australia)

Starting at the Tangalooma Wrecks at low tide the hard sand made for good walking along the bayside beach northwards past Cowan Cowan and Bulwer to North Point. As we rounded the northwest corner of the island and began to face the ocean proper, the swell became noticeably larger. A trio of dolphins played in the shallows not ten meters from us which was a very welcome sight.

After filling up with water at North Point campsite, we went up the steps from the beach and over to Honeymoon Bay, a picturesque little beach tucked in between the rocks. This area of Moreton has the only bedrock on the island; the rest being all sand. After joining a typical sandy 4WD track we climbed up to to the lighthouse and stayed a lot longer than we planned, on account of the multitude of whales we sighted from the elevated vantage point. The view down the entire length of the Eastern Beach and indeed the whole of the island is truly spectacular.

By this point the day was getting on so we descended to the beach and walked the remaining 5km as the sun set, arriving at Blue Lagoon campsite just after dark to make camp.

The next day we turned inland and after a brief walk hugging the shoreline of Blue Lagoon, a very calming window lake which was completely deserted, we continued on a 4WD track until the Telegraph Track turnoff. This track which leads for 8km to Mt. Tempest follows a telegraph line which once ran along it, still with relics of the line standing.

A 2km return climb up Mt Tempest affords yet more incredible views of the entire island, an ideal spot for some lunch. Once back the 4WD track we happened upon a huge 2m long python stretched out across the track.

The final section back to the Western Beach was via Middle Rd, a one-way divided 4WD track that is at places cut deep into the surrounding terrain. Emerging onto the beach it was but a short stroll back to the wrecks to await the barge at the pickup point.


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