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близу  Mount Beauty, Victoria (Australia)

Mountain Creek to Cleve Cole Hut (via Mt Bogong)

Our Trail Blazers group of seven headed off from Mountain Creek campsite at about 1pm on Saturday 9 June, for a short but solid ascent to Bivouac Hut, where we set up tent for the night. Other than the first few km of dirt road, the ascent up the Staircase Spur to Bivouac Hut was enshrouded with high trees and shrubs, opening up a few times to offer views through to distant peaks.

Sunday early rise, once packed we continued up the Staircase where trees gave way to lower shrubs. Spectacular views across the region from this point up to the top of the spur. From the memorial we followed the poles up, with light snow coverage at the 1800m point. At top of the poles, we turned right for our short ascent to the Mt Bogong summit.

Headed back along the poles, past the two descent points to the Staircase and the Eskdale Spurs on the left, and marched headward to Cleve Cole Hut, nestled a half hour into the lower vegetation. Cleve Cole Hut is run by the Ski Club of Victoria, it offers a warm space for cooking, mingling, and refuge if needed. Clear conditions allowed us to set up tents beyond the Hut in one of a few large grassy openings.

Monday we were packed by 9:00am and headed towards Mt Bogong along the poles, opting to turn right at the Staircase Spur for our descent to Mountain Creek where we arrived by 1:00pm. The alternative descent via Eskdale would have taken longer including a longer road hike at bottom.


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