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233 m
29 m
5,92 km

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близу  Mount Coolum, Queensland (Australia)

Since we have all been up Mt Coolum, its time to have some fun and go exploring! This 5km circuit will take you from the car park, around past the old quarry, up to the rock climbers cave and south through the bush to Suncoast Beach Rd. You will have a 1km along that road to the end of South Coolum Rd. From there, follow the grassy track north (under the power line) 400m behind Mt Coolum. You will see a red soil track, at a power pole, heading off to the right. Its here you start your ascent up the western side of Mt Coolum. Its a steep track in places but solid and fairly easy to follow. With a similar effort to climbing the eastern track, you will soon emerge at the signal station at the summit of Mt Coolum. The view are fantastic- all the way along the coast from Sunshine Beach to Maroochydore. Tread carefully along the 800m track back down to your starting point at the car park.

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    mindilindi 07.03.2019.

    I have followed this trail  проверено  View more

    A great track to see the lesser known areas around the base and up the back of Mt Coolum.

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