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близу Belcarra, British Columbia (Canada)

On a clear day this 8 km round trip trail offers hikers stunning views of the lower mainland and the surrounding mountains. The Mount Seymour trail traverses three peaks ending at Mount Seymour Summit which offers a spectacular panoramic view of the area. This is a great day hike for those looking for something well marked but less touristy than the Grouse Grind or Lynn valley.

The trail starts at the Mount Seymour Ski area at the last parking lot from the entrance. Keep driving to the end where there is a map at the trail head. During the summer parking is $3 that can be paid with a credit card or change.

At the trail head make sure to read the notices for the conditions off the trails because parts of the trail can remain snow covered into August. From the trail head you will see a number of signs to the various trails. The best path to start the hike forks left off the main road.

The trail steady inclines to Brockton point revealing the first of many spectacular views of Vancouver. The path continues upward steadily until the trail forks to Elsay Lake, make sure to follow the trail left as the Elsay Lake trail is much more challenging. Here the path winds through the rocks to First Pump Peak and is well marked, just make sure to look for the orange markers at each turn.

Many decide to turn back after first peak but those who continue to Mount Seymour peak get a much better view of the mountains to the north. Second pump peak is clearly visible from the first peak and the trail is easy to navigate.

The trail between the second peak and Mount Seymour Peak is the most difficult part of the hike as the trail cuts down northwest side of second peak. If covered in snow in snow or ice it may not be possible to pass without proper equipment.

After scrambling up the southwest side of the third peak hikers are rewarded with a spectacular view of the area. Taking some time to absorb the view then follow the same trail back to the parking lot.

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The trail begins at the far north end of the parking lot. The trail head is well marked with a large notice board and map.
Here the trail merges into a gravel road. Follow the road left up the hill.
Take the left trail before the road curves right up the hill.
Many decide to turn around after the first peak but those who continue to Mount Seymour peak get a much better view of the mountains to the north.
After second pump peak the trail cuts down northwest side of second peak which is the most difficult portion of the trail.
On a clear day the open rocky summit offers stunning views of the lower mainland to the south, Indian arm to the west and seemingly endless mountains to the north.


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