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National Park Biogradska Gora

Protecting these natural riches dates back to 1878 when Kolašin was liberated from Ottoman occupation for good and the area was annexed by the Principality of Montenegro. The local population presented the Montenegrin Prince Nikola I Petrović with the forest area surrounding Biogradsko Jezero as a sign of appreciation for ridding them of Ottoman rule. Henceforth, the area was named "Price's Woods" and since those days the area has been left in its natural state: in 1952 the forest area and the lake were declared a National Park. Today the park has three protection zones and various accompanying protection measures. Primeval forest reservation Biogradska Gora and the lake along with Biogradska Rijeka are the mostly highly protected. Biogradsko Jezero is a glacial lake and the main feed into lake comes from Biogradska Rijeka. Drainage of the lake is via Jezerštica River into the Tara River. Seen from geo-morphological point of view the whole area of "Biogradska Gora" National Park as well as the whole massif of Bjelasica Mountains are unique with its many varying landscape forms. Characteristic for the Bjelasica Massif is both the limestone and the primary rock; hydrologically the area is marked by numerous mountain springs and invaluable glacial lakes. Next to the largest and most significant lake, the Biogradsko Jezero, there is also: Pešića, Veliko and Malo Ursulovačko, Ševarine and Šiško Jezero, as well as many small lakes and seasonal ponds. The diverse and manifold flora and fauna of "Biogradska Gora" National Par is yet a further astounding treasure of nature. According to current research around 2000 different plant species are registered - 20% of which are endemic to the Balkans. The fauna, too, is rich and diverse. Aside from the known species of deer and wild animals, the park houses around 150 different kinds of bird species and over 380 kinds of insects. Due to its immense natural wealth and its preservation thereof "Biogradska Gora" National Park was proposed to be a UNESCO Natural Heritage Site. Bjelasica Mountains with its specific shapes and its rolling hills and smooth pastures is predestined for sustainable mountain tourism to develop both in summer and in winter. Hiking has played a significant role for some time now. Source: Long Distance Trail - Transversal, Across the mountains of Montenegro

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