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близу Glasdrumman, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom)

A beautiful and family friendly summer day-trip. Probably a lot more challenging on colder months.
The ascent on the last leg is steep but solid and the view from the top is very rewarding. There's a visible trail most of the way, and where it's not visible you just follow the stone wall.
In the summer it's possible to get very hot for the first half of the way because you're sheltered from strong winds but you still need a windproof jacket at the top even if sunny. Make sure you take plenty of water and snacks.



The heart of the Mournes


Metal gate



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  • jackpendleton 31.12.2017.

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    A pleasant route with rewarding views throughout. I prefer to take the loop anticlockwise, as the trail towards Blue Lough is a nice warm-up, and there's a great rest spot overlooking Ben Crom Reservoir you can enjoy before starting the Binnian ascent.

  • Слика од El Claudio

    El Claudio 03.01.2018.

    Thanks for the comment @jackpendleton and the extra info
    Yes I'd go that way too if I did it again.

  • Слика од Pwilliams

    Pwilliams 26.03.2020.

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    We did it in reverse. Fantastic trail! You have to be fairly fit for this one. Coming down Binnian is fairly tough going but in saying that there were kids doing it with their parents so it can't be that hard. The view over Ben Crom is brilliant. Trail is fairly well kept. It's also dog friendly as our 11 year old collie kept up no problem. Took us 5 hours with a couple of decent breaks.

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