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Uploaded 26.11.2012.

Recorded новембар 2012

507 m
228 m
11,91 km

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близу  Bigriggan, Queensland (Australia)

This a fun easy summer hike when it's to hot to climb to the top and the water holes are warm. It starts at the lower portals car park and hikes for about an hour to the first swim at the lower portals. Then follow a well trodden trail up the ridge line towards Barney Gorge camp site. At the saddle take a left and follow off-track along the ridge line east. Along the ridge you acquire good views of Leaning Peak and Barney Waterfall. On the descent towards Barney Creek, track left to find a gorge down to the base of Barney W'fall, any other way will find doable but stepper more advanced scrambling. Here is the next swimming hole with two fun slippery slides. There are two possible ways to the top of the falls. One to the south is harder and off-track with some difficult scrambling and if attempting as a round trip is the best ascent option. Once back and after a final swim, follow the creek rock hopping down to the top of the lower portals. With moderate scrambling a route can be found with a final one metre jump into the Lower Portals pool for the final swim before the hike back to the cars.

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  • Слика од lukeyglasso

    lukeyglasso 27.11.2012.

    Very impressed mate. See any snakes?

  • Слика од gbagua

    gbagua 13.01.2015.

    There is an error. The green arrow is not Barney Waterfall but Lower Portals car park. Barney Waterfall is right at the tip of the small loop marked. Thanks for the file. :)

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