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Uploaded 05.08.2013.

Recorded август 2013

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247 m
21,82 km

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близу Bigriggan, Queensland (Australia)

This is an overnight hike ascending West peak via Barrabool Ridge. We decided to get the hell out of dodge Friday after work and walk in to Barney Gorge camp to get an extra night in the bush. However, the ascent could easily be done in one day. From Barney Gorge camp, an hour of rock hopping up Barney Creek gets you to the junction of Barrabool Creek for a nice break with a great swimming hole. A short walk up Barrabool creek and at the next creek junction indicates the start of the ridge between the two creeks. If you are lucky you'll find a faint foot pad with light off track scrub. There is a few cliff breaks with easy scrambling and a tad of exposure. Barrabool Peak consists of three rocky outcrops and the camp is in the valley between the western peaks. There is great views from the camp site in either direction for sunrise and sunset. Water can be found to the south through steep scrub. All the lower creeks were flowing well including Rocky creek on the walk in from Lower Portal car park. However, we still had to hike down 15min to get a trickle of water. I would not risk expecting water after a long spell without rain. The hike down to the Barrabool West peak saddle and up to West peak is through thick wooded scrub with slow going. However, the final ascent of west peak is on nice rock with moderate scrambling. Our descent was via Midget Ridge and I think I'm getting dementia because I remember now saying I will never do it again the last time. This ridge is a scrub bash the whole way which never lets up, make sure you have long pants long sleeves and gators. At the bottom we deviated back to the start of the ridge and a chilly winter swim before a long hike back to the cars

Barrabool Ridge Start


Barabool Water


Barney Ck Pool


Bippoh Peak


Mt Barney - West Peak


Lower Portals


Barney Gorge Camp

3 коментар(а)

  • Слика од lukeyglasso

    lukeyglasso 07.08.2013.

    Midget Ridge.....hmmmmm haha. Looks great mate

  • Слика од xArtx

    xArtx 07.08.2013.

    Another nice one Shatkins :)
    That vegetation west of west peak, and no doubt other areas, that gang up and shred your legs to bits and use your blood as fertiliser.. It somehow seems fair to classify them as carnivorous.

  • mgrant 16.06.2019.

    My 15 year old son and I followed your route upto Barrabool Ridge and West Peak last weekend. The ridge is a hard slog, that starts in steep, dry scrub and gets steeper and thicker. Worth every minute for the camp at Barrabool Peak with magnificent sunset to the west, moon and thunder storm to the east. Next morning we woke in clouds that dumped hail and torrential rain on Brisbane but spared us, and swam through the often chest high vegetation to West Peak. We haven't got dimentia yet, so we skipped Midget Ridge and came down via Barney Gorge, which was dry but ominous, with the thunders storms bellowing down the valley. The big landslide about two thirds of the way down we found tricky to negotiate, and walked out to the Lower Portals car park in the dark. A great adventure. Thanks for showing us the way.

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