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близу  Bigriggan, Queensland (Australia)

This is a variation of one of Barney's best hikes, Barney Skyline which hikes the skyline ridge from North to South. We only had one car so we were required to hike back to the Lower Portal car park. I've added this trail to illustrate some of the options when using only one car or run out of time and need to bail while attempting Barney Skyline. I have detail trail notes in the full trail in other Wikiloc entries. This still is a long day hike. We left lower portals car park at 5:18 and just made sunrise at the first knoll @ 6:30. (Allow 1:30 hours to hike to the first knoll). We arrived back at the car at 15:30 (11 hour day at a fast pace and no navigational issues)

We chose North Ridge for the descent as we descended Logan's last week and Yoko wanted to know why she got lost hiking up North ridge a few weeks prior. Logan's, Rocky Crk, and North Ridge all finish at roughly the same location (within 200m). Any of these descents are suitable ridges for an exit off the skyline. In addition, exit east from any of the saddles is feasible. I have used the Isolated-Tom Tum saddle and the Isolated-Eagles saddle in the past with little difficulty. Once the terrain flattens it's just a matter of taking a rough bearing to the Lower Portals Track-Rocky Creek crossing and following until you either hit the Lower Portal Track or the fire road.

We hiked Eagles as direct as possible which includes some sketchy rock climbs without ropes. These options are noted on the trail and can be bypassed if required. Yoko and I are experienced rock climbers so please be careful if following this route exactly. The greatest risk for injury would be climbing Tom Tum. If you have an experienced scrambler, there is trees you can lower some tape or a rope to help other group members. The crux is in the first 5m from the base of Tom Tum. If you can make it past there the terrain gets easier. NOTE: you can walk around the last Tom Tum (recommended).

In addition, if you do not take a rope you will be required to exit off the ridge line in two places to avoid steep rock. The first is a little hard to find as the ridge is hidden behind a small knoll. You can be tempted to try to walk down a gully further to the north that will end in steep rock. The ridge will give access to a terrace that gains access to the base of Tom Tum. The second is easier to find to gain access to the isolated-Eagles slabs saddle.

One of the highlights of this route and is climbing Eagles Slabs. It is in the upper section before gaining the ridge between North and Leaning Peaks. Follow the ridge up from the saddle with easy scrambling until over hung orange rock blocks your path. Don't climb to high, 30m down you are looking for a tree to east (20m or so) This is the start of eagles slabs. If you hike to high, up underneath the overhang, you will be required to traverse the slabs with difficulty and you won't enjoy the exposed climb up the slabs with awesome views (one of the reasons you are there).

If descending North Ridge be aware that the start descends a gully (not a ridge) for the first 100m or so. The gully is located down and to the north of North peak in line with an obvious east-west cliff line facing north. At the base of North ridge. A bearing of 30degrees NNE will head over reasonably easy terrain and stay out of the creek beds, linking up with a fire road at the junction of rocky creek and the corner of the private property. This road continues to the Lower Portals track just before crossing Rocky Creek.

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  • Dee.Dee 30.07.2018.

    We left from yellow Pinch car park, crossed the creek. Use the trail to Logan’s ridge for a bit then peeled off and crossed the creek again then started at the base

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