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близу  Mount Barney, Queensland (Australia)

Descent to Barney Gorge via southwestgully:
'A rope is needed to descend a couple short sections of the couloir on the western side of Leaning Peak. This is a very steep scramble through thick grass and over a few small cliffs, so only attempt if you are comfortable with doing this, as once you pass the first cliff you're pretty much committed to continuing the descent because it's difficult to get back up.' https://www.aussiebushwalking.com/qld/mt-barney/mt-barney-summit/mt-barney-east-peak-via-se-ridge-traverse-north-pinnacle-to-leaning-peak-descend-couloir-to-barney-gorge-and-lower-portals
We didn't have enough appropriate gear (as I thought an old hand had told me they descended without a rope, but I probably heard or remembered incorrectly) so we descended the SW gully only as far as far as seemed safe (down to about ~1,000m alt).
As no indication of cliff heights given in the above report, and as I haven't descended the gully fully, I'd recommend taking one or even two 60m ropes, abseil gear incl prussic slings, and maybe ascenders to descend via Leaning Peak southwestgully.

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  • Слика од Shatkins

    Shatkins 17.07.2018.

    What did you find Pete, anything exciting?

  • antyWB 24.03.2019.

    Paul, Just noticed your question and added the above description of Leaning Peak southwestgully descent and our survey.
    P. :)

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