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близу  Tylerville, Queensland (Australia)

Mezzanine gets its name from its location between South and Southeast Ridge. The trail head can be found by following the South Ridge trail and as you ascend the steep wide track with multiple drainage mounds you are actually on Mezzanine Ridge. The South ridge track deviates left, down across a gully to join South ridge proper if you cross the gully you have gone to far. There is a faint foot pad; however, the rounded ridge is easy to navigate. The highlight of Mezzanine is its 200m ridge in the lower section which has many exposed scrambles. Following the ridge is a heap of scrub with a vague foot pad. There is two cliff faces the first can be navigated to the right through step scrub. the 2nd and final cliff is usually navigated to left (west) by following the base of the cliff to a gully where an easy scramble either up the water course or an easy face climb with great holds. The final ascent to east peak is negotiated by looking for the cleanest rock slabs which should bring you out just to the west of East Peak. We completed this hike in thick fog and did not find the usual clean rock. There is a 2nd harder alternate route by heading right at the last cliff line. By following the base of the cliffs you top out at a point which requires an exposed move of only a 2metres with no hand holds and little foot placement, or a 2m out 1m down jump over a 5m drop. We were planing on this option. However, it was drizzling at the time and some of the party were not keen (with good reason) so we back tracked to the easier ascent. Past the jump it is easy going. Be advised, this is an option. However, I do not recommend it even in good weather as a slip would more than likely be fatal. It would also cut out the nice face climb on the other side. We came down via SE ridge, note that we used the short cut bypassing the boring track walk past camp 9 and 10

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    Hereandthere 17.06.2018.

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    G and I are making it our life goal to tick off all your routes ;) Another tick! Great hike. Thanks. That ridge is awesome.

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