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Uploaded 03.10.2016.

Recorded септембар 2016

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1.391 m
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близу  Tylerville, Queensland (Australia)

This has been a hike I've been waiting for. Thanks to Shatkins for the trail to follow. The Southeast Ridge is by far prettier than Peasants ridge and I would recommend ascending it strongly over Peasants. It's not too much more difficult and practically a highway - though I had guidance from Wikiloc, I never felt off trail.

We camped at Rum Jungle as after the hike up we each went through 3L of water and needed a refill at the stream up top. The trek down Peasants Ridge was very easy to follow and I would recommend following the trail by sight on the descent. There were some points on the descent where my location would glitch and I would appear off the trail - these are obvious - however the ascent was accurate.

Absolutely beautiful hike and would recommend doing it overnight! Make sure to start the trek no later than 10am as it took us approximately 6 hours to reach the summit with our gear.
Break in trees
Overhang lookout
Bare rock
Permanent Stream
Rejoined track
Peasants track
SE ridge entry

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  • Слика од Johnny S

    Johnny S 13.04.2017.

    Wow! https://www.wikiloc.com/outdoor-trails/mt-barney-up-southeast-ridge-and-down-peasants-ridge-14964391#wp-14964394/photo-9308186

  • Слика од jc78

    jc78 12.02.2018.

    I have followed this trail  проверено  View more

    Followed this on the weekend, was very handy. Thanks

  • Слика од DanLoaTmba

    DanLoaTmba 02.05.2018.

    I had never been on Mt Barney before a recent trip in March 2018. Ascending the South-east Ridge and descending Peasants is definitely the way to go. If we'd have gone up and down Peasants we would have missed out. This being said, there are a few places on the SE Ridge where it is easy to lose the pad. Track notes from previous walkers was handy in a couple of spots.

    On the SE Ridge it is very easy to miss the turn-off with the "cross on the tree" (which is only a few centimetres big). No signs exist. Some rock scrambling is required. Care is required in some spots when walking beside a cliff drop-off. There are only a couple of ribbon markers. We had a couple of spits of rain and the track was still pretty good. Any significant rain would make the SE Ridge very tricky / dangerous with packs.

    We (party of 4) also did the route with overnight packs camping at Rum Jungle. There was plenty of drinkable water from the creek near the Old Hut Site which is only 3min walk from Rum Jungle. Knowing this in advance would have saved me carrying a few kilos of extra water ;-).

    Peasants Ridge was a relatively easy descent with a well-worn trail and markers.

  • Слика од Chelle b

    Chelle b 14.06.2018.

    Could this be done as a day hike?

You can or this trail