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близу Peachester, Queensland (Australia)

This is the EAST face hike up Mt Beerwah, Glasshouse Mountains, QLD

This is actually the track i took down reversed in basecamp.(You don't want to see my up trail lol)

So there is a little pile of rocks where the trail starts just off the road approx 240m BACK from where you park in the main car-park, just keep following this track, about 1/2 way along there is a large tree that has fallen onto the track, keep going and you will eventually come to a large tree(hollow) at the base of the mountain, this rock wall(pic uploaded) is the start of the main climb. From here there is pink ribbon/scratched arrows & the odd spray of paint that is the trail you need to follow up, just look ahead alot and try to plan(i ended up way off track at one stage), near the final accent keep LEFT as if not you will end up on abit of a rocky exposed point and although i did climb up it its pretty dogey, the very last bit it a little ridge to the summit nice drop either side ! awesome view at the top.

Iv been going to do this hike for ages and glad i finally did, ill be Uploading a video of bits and peaces to Youtube.


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