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Recorded март 2019

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близу  Tomewin, New South Wales (Australia)

Mt Cougal, East & West Peaks, Gold Coast Hinterland.

YouTube Video of this hike:

I did enjoy this hike and next time will go to check out Boyd's Butt. The small peak off to the East (rightside) of East Peak final ascent route.

Overall, a great trail that runs along the QLD/NSW border (rabbit fence). Starts uphill straightaway to get the body and heart very warmed up pronto. You've been warned.

Trail is straightforward and can't really get lost if you stick with the fence. Get ready for long grass during the early part of the trail. Because we came early, we all got drenched from the dew on the long grass. Unavoidable. I recommend to wear long pants on this hike.

Lots of leeches, spiders, flying insects and a snake we came across on this hike.

Top of both peaks had an infestation of flying insects, that as soon as we summitted - that seemed to awaken them all like crazy. They were kind of like ants with wings that didn't bite, but rather were landing all over us making it very itchy and annoying.

We went to the second (West) peak via the first terrace on the righthand side. Campsite at the top of West Peak - views not the greatest but definitely more room on this peak compare to East Peak.

We started the hike around 6.30am and were the only vehicle at the carpark... when we got back it was full of vehicles. We passed about 4 groups of people, showing that this is actually a popular hike.

To summit both peaks will require scrambling via roots.... be prepared to be tired, exhausted, you'll get very dirty, possibly will get ticks and spider webs all over you....and YOU WILL DONATE BLOOD TO LEECHES GUARANTEED!! But don't let any of that deter you. Come to Mt Cougal!

Unfortunately, did not see the cave at the base of the first peak.... didn't read about it until after we did the hike. Will have to go again and pay closer attention next time!

Tip: Leeches have an anti-coagulant in their system so when they bite you, your blood will not clot for quite some time and will keep flowing. Put on a band-aid for a few hours to stop the bleed. Also, spray your body, clothes and shoes with insect repellent.... leeches hate it and will not want to feed on you.

I only needed to drink 1L of water on this particular hike, however I would recommend 3L just in case if you intend to summit both peaks.


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