• Слика од Mt Donaldson Circuit
  • Слика од Mt Donaldson Circuit
  • Слика од Mt Donaldson Circuit
  • Слика од Mt Donaldson Circuit
  • Слика од Mt Donaldson Circuit
  • Слика од Mt Donaldson Circuit

Вријеме  један дан 2 сата 46 минуте

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Uploaded 09.06.2013.

Recorded април 2013

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1.044 m
368 m
23,77 km

Погледана 1259 пут(a), скинута са сервера 39 пут(a)

близу Mingoola, Queensland (Australia)

I class this as difficult due to the duration and the scrambling down or around waterfalls.
We headed up the Severn River from the campsite & crossed the river a number of times to avoid scrambling steeper sections of the bank. After leaving the Severn for Mt Donaldson Ck, we encountered a number of relatively easily assailed waterfalls. At the top one of the waterfalls, we beared off South following a small creek rather than continuing East (see “other option” track). Once discovering our wrong turn, it was a fair bit of pushing through scrub to get back onto our planned route. The drop from Mt Donaldson to McAllister is a steady descent escape for a number of small waterfalls to slide down. Once on the McAllister, there are a number of good spots to stop but we kept trudging on to reach a site I had camped at previously.
The second day was quiet short due to the Km we had travelled the day before. There are two waterfalls which you need to pass. Both times we chose to scale the left bank (southern side) to bypass the waterfalls.
A great rugged countryside.

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  • Слика од shawnhardie

    shawnhardie 09.06.2013.

    "other option' didn't get uploaded with the submitted .gpb
    PM me for more details

  • Слика од Hereandthere

    Hereandthere 09.10.2016.

    Well this was AWESOME! Followed the circuit with Gaby, Mikey, Nick and Karen. Awesome water crossings. Beautiful Creek rock hopping. Stayed at the campsite before the one on the gpx which was magic.

  • Слика од Ceerig

    Ceerig 08.01.2017.

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Sorry, but this trail is not 'Difficult'. We were underprepared as you failed to mention the entire trail was bush bashing and unsigned. It took us 8 hours of walking to reach the summit and by that time we could not begin the descent.

    Icing on the cake was that I severely broke my ankle while descending the third waterfall we passed and had to be airlifted out after a night on the mountain. By the definition of the emergency services 'if would have been more dangerous to trek in to get me with a stretcher'.

    This trail is 'Very difficult' in it's current state or at least deserves some more explanation of what's required of the hiker as well as an adequate description of the risky navigation around the waterfalls and the looseness of the rocks.

    I must commend you on your trail though. The GPS trail you provided was enough of a trail that I was never lost.

  • Слика од shawnhardie

    shawnhardie 31.01.2017.

    I'm sorry to hear about your accident Ceerig :(

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