962 m
709 m
2,79 km

Погледана 5 пут(a), скинута са сервера 1 пут(a)

близу Nyer, Occitanie (France)

Distance: c4.5km
Climb: 280m
Time: 1h40

In 2019, this route was indicated by yellow waymarks and signposts.

1 - START. The Maison de la Réserve de Nyer. The château of Nyer (now a retirement home and restaurant) is on our left. We descend and we turn left, into the old village. From the Place du 14 juillet (a small square with a water fountain), we go straight ahead, down the Rue du Mantet.

2 - Bridge over the River Mantet. We cross the bridge and we turn right, along the Carrer de la Baga. We walk alongside the river.

3 - The Place de la Résistance, another small square. At the far end of the square, on the left, between two houses, is the Cami d'En. We go up that path, which leaves the village and which climbs in steep zig-zags. There are lovely views back to the village, and to the castle.

4 - Jeep track. We go to the right, on the track, and we descend for about 50 metres.

5 - Path, on the left. We go up the path, which goes into a forest. The path climbs steadily. We go alongside an old stone wall, and we approach some abandoned houses.

6 - The former hamlet of En. Most buildings are in ruins, but a few have now been restored. We go to the right a little way, and we see the magnificent Romanesque chapel, 12th century, in an open field. There are also wonderful views across the Têt valley. We return to the centre of En. We go to the right, past a small open reservoir.

7 - Jeep track, above En. We go to the left, along the jeep track. The track descends. Ahead are the Three Stars massif and Canigou. The track turns sharply to the left. We continue to descend.

4 - Track-path junction. We go down the path on the right. We follow our outward route back to Nyer, and to the start of this walk.


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