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близу Kishaj, Kukës (Albania)

Pashtrik is the "third" high mountain near Kukes (next to Gjallica and Koritnik - see separate trails). The other two are higher, but the views from Pashtrik are as dramatic. The upper reaches of Pashtrik are more rocky than those of the other two.

Pashtrik is more often climbed from the Kosovo side; there is a shrine on the summit. The last 150 elevation-meter to the summit are marked with white dots and red circles, presumably owing to the activities of a Kosovo mountain club.

You may climb to the summit and back on the same trail. We included a traverse across the "summit 2" - the part of Pashtrik that is most visible from Krume. There might be various ways to return - but which ever way you take (if you take it in early summer), the meadows are strewn with wildflowers.

For a climb from Albania, it is best to start from Kishaj, in Has district (see separate 4WD trail). You should park your car in the village and notify someone - as our car was broken into while left unattended.

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