15,93 km

Акум. висина

695 m

Степен тешкоће



695 m

Max elevation

1.584 m


63 4,7

Min elevation

903 m

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Moving time

5 сата 9 минуте


5 сата 57 минуте

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19. новембар 2020.


новембар 2020
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1.584 m
903 m
15,93 km

Погледана 393 пут(a), скинута са сервера 18 пут(a)

близу Manzanares el Real, Madrid (España)

I rated this route as difficult for the sections where you have to climb a bit using hands, not suitable for people with vertigo or afraid to climb. But absolutely fantastic route for the more adventurous hiker. The first part is not very frequented, so it was very quiet. I saw mountain goats as well as a couple of salamanders that posed for me.

Start from Manzanares el Real, going up through the village, following Calle de Los Panaderos, then Calle del Risco and Calle de las Peñas until the end. From there following the yellow-white market path PR-M1 and starting the climb up into the Pedriza Anterior.

At the crossing with GR10 we cross a little river and keeping right and following the yellow-white route. Just after crossing the river, you will see the red and white marked path forking off to the right. Take the left fork to follow yellow-white markings. About 500 meters further up the mountain, you will see the Cueva de Chaman on your left hand. From here the route gets a bit more difficult, where you need to climb with hand and feet over a few boulders. After about 1km you will find another cave.

The next intersection will be just after a big boulder, opening up to a field of heather, keep to the right. The path here was inundated, so I followed a dry sidetrack, but with quite a bit of bushwhacking. After the heath, follow up the slope through the scree until reaching the intersection with one of the other main routes. Go right to keep following the yellow and white markings as the path will start taking you down the hill, all the way until Collado de la Dehesilla.

Cross the meadow towards the left and follow the route down into the valley alongside the river: "Arroyo de la Dehesilla". Almost at the bottom, you will see the big boulder "El Tolmo", behind the boulder on the left the path continues down. Continue down until the "Prao Peluca". Here I did some exploring to the Fuente de Pedro Acuña and Regufio Giner de los Rios.

I would recommend here to cross the bridge to the west bank of the river and follow the "Autopista de Pedriza." As I have walked this path many times already I decided on a bit of variation and stayed on the east bank to follow the path here. But there was a lot of bushwhacking, and the path has mostly become overgrown since it is forbidden to swim here. However, if you are feeling courageous: there are a couple of really nice waterfalls and a very nice view on Cancho de Los Muertos, so the east side does offer some extra eye-candy: the road less taken!

As you are getting closer to the bridge at Cantocochino the route starts widening and getting easier. From Cantocochino to La Forca it can be very wet, especially when it has rained a lot the river floats outside its borders often. At la Forca you will see a little cantine/terrace. Continue straight and follow the red-white marked path until the parking of el Tranco. From el Tranco we take the last bit of route alongside the river and eventually merge onto Avenida de la Pedriza to follow the road back into the village.

Waterfall/river crossing

Cross the river, keep to the right to follow white yellow. After about 5-10 meters the path forks again.

Fork: keep left to follow white-yellow

Right is white red (La Gran Cañada de la Pedriza)

Cueva de Chaman


Cueva 2


Turn right follow yellow

Path leads through the field of heather to the right.

Turn right, follow yellow-white markings

Crossing with one of the other main routes through la Pedriza. Left would lead you towards el Yelmo.

Turn left: Pradera/Collado de la Dehesilla

Cross the Pradera straight/left

El Tolmo

Big boulder called "El Tolmo": behind the boulder on the left the path continues down.


Recommend to cross the bridge and turn left to follow autopista. Or alternative route turn left before the bridge, this path is quite overgrown and hard to follow.

Fuente Pedro Aguna

Planinarski dom

Refugio Giner




Continue straight

At the bridge of Cantocochino.

Continue straight at La Forca

Continue straight at la Forca, with the cantine/terrace on your right hand. Follow the red and white marked route along the river.

Cross the parking keep right


Turn right at 2nd parking follow route along river


Follow Av de la Pedriza back into town

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    Omar Ah. 27.03.2021.

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    The trail is really nice. The waypoints are very informative and helpful, but it's missing some small details in the last part.

    I followed most of the recorded trail, but I've Made a shortcut in the beginning and went to the other side of the bridge in the 2nd half of the trail and then I crossed the rever back to the recorded trail again.

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