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близу  Rangeville, Queensland (Australia)

The walk starts at the eastern end of South Street Toowoomba in front of the historic Rodway Homestead then passes another Historic home on the right. A little further down the walk enters Picnic Point Park land on the Pardalote walk. It then turns off to the right onto the Fantail walk down the hill. The Fantail walk intersects with the fire trail at the bottom of the hill. Turn left and follow to the sign post then head up the hill to Picnic Point. Then back to South street.
Junction Fantail walk and Fire trail.
Turn of back up the hill
Grass trees partway up the hill
The Toowoomba Range
Exit track here for Lions Park. Down from Picnic point
Bird life sign near end of bush track.
Map of the tracks around Picnic Point Toowoomba
Bill Goulds Lookout
Picnic Point Waterfall
Track junction at top of walk.
Picnic point playground
Picnic point restaurant


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