538 m
259 m
3,5 km

Погледана 1998 пут(a), скинута са сервера 25 пут(a)

близу  Girard, Castries (Saint Lucia)

This was a BEAUTIFUL hike!
There is a series of 566 steps leading up to the Old French Road... then, an optional, steepish climb to the top of Piton Flore where there is an old Telephone Antenna and a small viewing area of the scenery below. It is only because of these two sections that I rated it Moderate. Otherwise, it is rather easy!!!
To get there, we had transport from Rodney Bay Marina with Hans of Serenity Vacation & Tours. We also had a guide, Sean Francois, from the Forestry Department. (Guides are recommended but not required.)
Sean was invaluable with his information! This hike would not have been the same without him! IF you want to learn about the flora and fauna, take a guide. If not, it is doable on your own.
NOTE: There are both Boa Constrictor snakes (not poisonous, and non aggressive) and Fer-de-lance snakes (poisonous and aggressive) in the St. Lucia forests!
This hike took us a long time to do only because of the Q&A and information being discussed about the plants and rainforest environment.
Normally, this loop and hike to the top of Piton Flore would take about 2 hours.
The only "difficult" section of this hike was the section to the top of Piton Flore. That took about an hour round trip. This section is not part of the Parks responsibility, so the trail is not as well maintained. What made it difficult was the slippery mud covered with leaves. Getting footing and few convenient "roots" to grab on to. This section would be difficult if wet. When dry, it would be fine. You just needed caution not to slip!
But, there were no ledges or anywhere steep to fear falling off the mountain!
The hike can be considered in sections:
1. Easy and well groomed. Beautiful views of rainforest and one section has views of the North end of the island.
2. 588 steps going up to the Old French Road. At the top, you go right. (Left would take you to Dennery on original road. Not certain if it is still groomed and doable.)
3. A section leading to the split where you could go left, up to the top of Piton Flore.
4. Hike to the top of Piton Flore. This, you take the same path up and down. Not advisable if wet as would be very slippery and difficult!
5. The Old French Road back to the car park. This section is still a rough road!
NOTE: if you wanted only to hike to the top, you could just reverse the loop and go along this road to the path to the top. BUT, the real beauty of the trail is the first section!


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