248 m
2 m
11,58 km

Погледана 310 пут(a), скинута са сервера 17 пут(a)

близу Puig del Mas, Occitanie (France)

1 - START: open area (car park) on a headland by the N114 road, on the coast path (Sentier Littoral), between Banyuls-sur-Mer and Cerbère. We walk to the end of the open area and we descend on the coast path, which has signposts and waymarks... We follow the coast path as far as:

2- Plage de Peyrefite. We cross the beach. We continue to follow the coast path, which climbs to the left... The coast path goes around the back of a large health centre... The path then goes alongside a camp site towards the Cap de Peyrefite headland... We turn to the right and we follow the coast path down to a holiday centre with a swimming pool.

3 - Inlet (the Ansa de Terrimbo). We follow the coast path, which goes above and around this beautiful small inlet... The path then continues along the coastline. The path climbs and descends, with a railway line nearby on the right... Eventually the path goes to the right, over the railway line.

4 - N114 road, at the entrance to Cerbère. We go to the left, alongside the road... We descend to the sea front in Cerbère, by a beach.

5 - Cerbère, centre ville. We now have a long climb through Cerbère. Facing the railway viaduct, we cross the main road and we go to the right. We go up the Rue de Vigny (steps)... The steps continue, to the left, then to the right... We cross the railway line on a footbridge. We climb the street, to the right... At a street junction we go to the right (the famous former Hôtel Belvédère is on the right, on the other side of the railway line)... At the next street junction, we go to the left (Rue du Puig Carroigt)... At the next junction, we go to the right... At the next junction, we go to the left (Rue de la Fareille)... At the next junction, we go to the right... At the next junction, we go to the left (Rue Raoul Dufy). We go straight ahead on this street and we leave Cerbère... The street becomes a track.

6 - Track junction (citerne on the right). We go down the track on the right. After a short distance, we meet another track. We go to the left, along that track... We follow this track for a considerable distance. At first, the track climbs, then the track approximately follows the contour line... Above, on the left, is Puig Joan (pylons). Below, on the right, is the coastline, with the Plage de Peyrefite as the focal point of a wonderful panorama.

7 - Coll de Gran Bau (junction of tracks). We follow a track on the right... Where the track bends to the right, we go straight ahead, on a footpath... The path meets a track, on the line of a ridge. We follow the track straight ahead and we go to the left of a pylon... The track winds downhill and the track meets the N114 road. We go to the right. We walk alongside the road for a short distance. We return to the open area at the start of this walk (1).

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    Vem fer la ruta en sentit contrari, per acabar amb la part de platja. Molt recomanable, amb unes vistes espectaculars

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