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Recorded август 2016

1.799 m
831 m
10,52 km

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близу  Logarska Dolina, Solčava (Slovenija)

Starting point at the parking place in the valley of Logarska Dolina just a little bit further than Plesnik.
The walk goes up, partly through a cave, to the Koca na Klemenci jami for about 1 hour. Food and drinks here. Next the trail goes shortly through a forest and passes a very old larch three, then a meadow with flowers and then up through a forest with dedicuous threes via a long and steep path up. Then, the path takes a left heading for Strelovec at 1763 meters via a long, more on one altitude path with beautiful views on the mountains until you reach Strelovec. Phantastic view on the mountains all around you from a pleasant meadow with flowers and butterflies.
We intended to follow the trail down to Plesnik but were advised that due to work in the forest, signs were missing (early August 2016). Therefore we returned via the same trail.

Food and drinks: Klemenca jama during the walk and there are number of hotels in the valley.
Visit the house on nature and butterflies in Solcava to track the special species you met during this hike.
Solcava has a very good tourist information office. The hike is described in their brochure of "Hiking trails in the lap of the alps", combining no. 1 and 2.
Note: the walk around that we intended to do is described in the Rother Walking Guide "Karawanken und Steiner Alpen" no. 44, Strelovec. They strongly recommend to go back via Plesnikova planina and not to take a shortcut.

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