2.463 m
1.271 m
7,88 km

Погледана 454 пут(a), скинута са сервера 9 пут(a)

близу Bozovce, Општина Тетово (Македонија)

The unclimbed north face of Pllati Peak 2401m/alt 26.02.2017

During the road to nearest station, the weather was not very promising for allowing us to climb the peak. We somehow started and climbed for 5 hours in a powder snow. After gaining higher altitude weather was better, there was less snow but was very steep face and sloppy, our route was a combination of snow, grass and rocks and using the crampons was neccesary at the same time difficult to manage them in grass and rocks. At the 1 pm we were on the summit.


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