2.398 m
1.147 m
3,72 km

Погледана 9445 пут(a), скинута са сервера 180 пут(a)

близу  Dolja (Montenegro)

Uspon na vrh Maja Karanfil u maju 2009. u snežnim uslovima. Učesnici planinari PD ,,Rujno,, iz Užica i PD,,Stolac,, iz Višegrada

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  • Слика од kaskamotz

    kaskamotz 05.10.2011.

    hello friend
    I know how is possible to climb the peak Geravica, the highest in Serbia. Only be from Kosovo?
    I am interested in other ascents in Prokletije, plus the ascent to Mount Maglic in Srspska.
    Can you help?

  • Слика од stefs

    stefs 05.10.2011.

    To peak Geravica, you can climb from Decani in Kosovo, or of Babino Polje, near Plav in Montenegro. In summer, it is not difficult. Maglic is the highest and the most beautiful mountain in Srpska. You can climb Maglic from Suha (road Foca-Gacko)or of Pluzine in Montenegro.

  • Слика од kaskamotz

    kaskamotz 06.10.2011.

    thank you. I have read that Maglic trip is difficult. But what difficult? climbing? dangerous? why is difficult.
    thank you very much again!

  • Слика од stefs

    stefs 06.10.2011.

    The last 40 meters to the top of Maglic is steep, but climbing equipment is not necessary in summer terms.
    For me, the best trip to Maglic is :


    Green inscription below elevation profile is the link for GPX trek log.

  • Слика од kaskamotz

    kaskamotz 19.10.2011.

    i make this route in Prokletije.
    Prokletije are wild mountain, ever out of ways.

    do you think about?

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