• Слика од Quimper Summit Loop
  • Слика од Quimper Summit Loop
  • Слика од Quimper Summit Loop

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Број тачака 925

Uploaded 25.03.2017.

Recorded март 2017

526 m
39 m
10,0 km

Погледана 79 пут(a), скинута са сервера 5 пут(a)

близу Saseenos, British Columbia (Canada)

The trail system at Mt Quimper has been significantly improved with new trails. signs at junctions an maps with colour coded maps. Trail use is designated, hiking or biking. Trail difficulty is marked with the standard conventions; green circle for easy, blue square for intermediate and black diamonds for difficulty. There is a new outhouse at the most remote trail junction.The lookout cabin has been improved with a new metal roof, interior painting to cover the graffiti, clear plastic windows and a ladder to the loft. The trails now have names. This track log is for the Quimper summit trail marked green on the maps. The climb is a fairly steady ascent to the lookout. The final ascent is via the east side. The old steep trails up the south side are no longer marked on the maps or signs via the east side


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