3.009 m
1.852 m
17,37 km

Погледана 11 пут(a), скинута са сервера 2 пут(a)

близу Magdalena, KwaZulu-Natal (Republic of South Africa)

I recommend a early start at about 5am. The weather can change fast. It is desirable to be at the summit around 10am. The hike can last up to 10 hours in total, for beginners with moderate physical condition, despite guides in bad conditions, it can take over 14 hours (see post script "For beginners with guide").
In fog, gaiters are recommended to protect against wetness over the trouser legs and shoes.
The path leads through high grass in dew or rain, and the shoes fill with water over the trouser legs. Very unpleasant. Additionally the grass is kept short over burnt down, after the hike the clothes were blackened by soot.
Don't forget to let the park administration know which hike you are taking and how long you think it will take. The park administration also requires you to register each hike, for safety reasons.
I wish you a safe hike, it was incredibly beautiful.
At least: Do not feed the baboons :-)
For Beginners with Guide:
It is recommended to turn back immediately in case of bad weather, tell the guide you will abbort the hike. If you tell the guide you want to stop the hike and turn back, do not underestimate the situation, the whole way up must be turned back. A beginner group came back completely finished, after 15 hours of hiking, in the rain despite the guide. The path is not really good signed you can easily lost your way, without GPS. Don't go unprepaired or without Guide.


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