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близу  Den Treek, Utrecht (Nederland)

Circular walk with a number of highlights in the area: Den Treek - Henschoten estate (with extensive heather fields), Veenplas (a quiet lake of outstanding beauty to oversee from a picknick bench) and Henschoter lake (a recreational area and a unique swimming lake with white Caribbean beaches).
And then there's also the pyramid of Austerlitz, a national monument and relic from the time when the Netherlands were under French rule: a 36 metre high pyramid of earth, built in 1804 by Napoleon's soldiers on one of the highest points of the Utrecht ridge. This pyramid was the model for the larger Lion of Waterloo, the pyramid built by King William I as a monument to the Battle of Waterloo where Napoleon was defeated.
Most people however visit the recreational area because of its playground near the pyramid.
For the climbing of the pyramid to have a wide view on the surroundings, a small fee is paid at the entrance gate.
Wonderful view from the picknick bench. However, you can't get any closer
You can also pick up the trail from here when you use public transport (bus number 81). This is on Zeisterweg, N224. The photo shows the path you leave before getting to the bus stop.
Parking fees apply here on entering the area.

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  • Слика од janetraveller

    janetraveller 27.05.2018.

    Please note that from 2018 onwards there is now an entrance fee to be paid for the Henschotermeer recreational area (due to change in ownership).

  • Слика од Karel Navred

    Karel Navred 11.10.2018.

    I have followed this trail  проверено  View more

    Na het uploaden van deze route op Wikiloc, is er blijkbaar eea veranderd bij het Henschotermeer. Er zijn afrasteringen en hekken gekomen, waardoor je het gebied Henschotermeer niet volgens deze track kunt verlaten, maar zelf wat moet improviseren.

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