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664 m
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16,9 km

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близу Musk Vale, Victoria (Australia)

Starting at Sailor's Falls Carpark, cross the highway and head along Shanahans Lane. This trail follows sections of the Great Dividing Trail, Goldfields Trail and Three Lost Children's Walk.
Pass through Lake Jubilee and Daylesford. The terrain is interesting and variable, with some steep, narrow sections, shallow creek crossing and open roads past farmland. Some care should be taken to stay on track as there are numerous turn offs and junctions.
Finishes off back at Sailor's Falls.
Shanahans Lane
Continue straight on the Great Dividing Trail
Stay left on the Great Dividing Trail
Turn left
Veer left. Do NOT follow the Great Dividing Trail.
Veer right towards Jubilee Lake
Follow trail signs
Cross bridge and follow trail
Sharp left turn
Road crossing
Turn right and follow the river past farmhouse
Veer right and uphill for a side trip/view from look out point
At road, cross and veer right
Turn left at Daylesford Holiday Park into Burrall St
Turn right onto Leggart St
Turn right
Stay left of the bridge
Veer left
Turn right
Turn left and follow Wallaby track
Follow track left
Keep left
Turn left
Veer right, stay on Three Lost Children Walk trail
Turn right to Sailor's Falls


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