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Број тачака  1982

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379 m
-40 m
14,28 km

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близу  Saturna, British Columbia (Canada)

This hike from the vineyard dock up to Mt Warburton Pike, along the Brown Ridge and down to Taylor Point and then along the coastal trail to Murder Point and back to the dock is one of our favorite hikes. It is a big hike over some difficult terrain on the coastal trail but very rewarding, The views from the Brown Ridge are spectacular. The history of Warburton Pike, the Taylor family quarry and the conflict at Murder Point, the feral goats and the Campbell farm add to the interest beyond the scenery. I have rated the trail difficult in the past but the trail has improved with a clear boot track and lots of flagging tape. It remains a big hike in terms of distance, time, elevation gain and rough trail conditions including the steep descent aided by ropes. In spite of the Gulf Islands National Park status, this is not "a walk in the park".
On the Brown Ridge
On the Brown Ridge
Along the Brown Ridge


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