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Recorded децембар 2018

222 m
8 m
28,77 km

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близу Taraguilla, Andalucía (España)

Lovely walk with easy access for family and children. The beginning is along a wide track until we turned right towards the small river. This becomes lush and shaded so it’s perfect every month of the year. Autumn is particularly beautiful with leave changing colour and covering the entire woodland floor with brown leaves and dried ferns. The stream runs parralel to the path for 1km or so. When you come out into the track again you can vere left on yourself and return to base. In this instance we crossed the track and continued, a gentle climb gradually climbing and looping back on ourselves towards the starting point along higher ground. Note -the KM on this is wrong. It is only 8km or so and should take no more than 3 leisurely hours tops.

The path is visible though not clear at times, don’t worry...continue in the direction paralel to the main track you will see a fence...eventually you will get to a gate on this fence which allows you to get back down and on track.


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