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близу Sopotnica (Serbia)

The Sopotnice waterfalls are in southwestern Serbia, on the river Sopotnica, on the western slopes of the mountain of Jadovnik. They are located in the municipality of Prijepolje in the area of the village of Sopotnica. The river Sopotnica, a tributary of the Lim, is characterised by the large difference in elevation between its mouth at 465 m above sea-level and its highest source at 1150 m.This monument of nature encompasses the source of the surface course of the river Sopotnica, with a number of permanent and intermittent karst emergences and springs which form rivulets. These rivulets first combine and then branch out to form a series of waterfalls. Another major attraction besides the rivulets and waterfall are the old, restored water mills.The sinter deposits came about from spring sediments around the upper portions of the Sopotnica’s course and extend from the highest wells under the limestone slope of the Podstijenja at 1120 m above sea-level, to the last waterfall at 850 m above sea-level. With a 270 m difference in elevation, this sinter has the greatest elevation range of any in Serbia. The accumulated deposits of sinter – formed into seven levels of flattened fan-like cascades of varying size and prominence – the falling water and the numerous falls flowing over the edges of the sinter terraces, all contribute to the value of this natural monument. Especially attractive is the Veliki vodopad (‘Great Waterfall’).The plant life of Sopotnica comprises 62 varieties, of which 10 are shelf fungi and 52 types of moss – a high degree of diversity for such a small area.The ethnic and cultural setting of this area, with its numerous unique features of mixed ethnicity, traditional village hospitality and various valuable examples of vernacular architecture, are also part of what makes the Sopotnica valley so important.

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