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близу Ninguno [Granja], Jalisco (Mexico)

A beautiful, narrow canyon with high walls leading to a small shelter cave where the world's most delicious water drips from the ceiling all year round. Along the way, you can see the history of the Primavera Caldera (a type of volcano) which housed a lake for some ten or twenty thousand years. You can see the layers of lake sediment on the high canyon walls and even a thick layer of giant blocks of pumice which once floated on the lake's surface. You can find a description of this hike in the book Outdoors in Western Mexico by John and Susy Pint (see http://www.saudicaves.com/mx/out2011/index.html).
In Spanish La Atarjea Tapada. Delicious, drinkable water drips from the ceiling of the little cave all year round.
Piloncillo Sugarloaf on way to Atarjea
Park here, on the street called Retorno del Paseo de la Casuarina.
Turn right (west) to leave Río Seco and get into the arroyo which goes all the way to the Atarjea Tapada.
A round survey marker about 50 cm high, showing the boundary between Pinar de la Venta and the Primavera Forest. Here you must go down into the Río Seco arroyo and start walking south.


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