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Uploaded 05.03.2017.

Recorded март 2017

1.175 m
541 m
13,1 km

Погледана 1059 пут(a), скинута са сервера 50 пут(a)

близу Sutorman (Montenegro)

Hike along old paths and up and over MT Vrsuta. This trail has fantastic views over the coast, Skadar Lake and the transversal mountain range.
Start out on the well marked the PTT, then turn left on the trail towards Sutomore (also marked quite well).
At the cistern turn left again, heading up Mt. Vrsuta. The uphill is partially marked green and yellow paint as well as with plastic ribbons. Partially the trail follows an old military track.
On top of the hill you'll run into a dirt road, which leads back to the Virpasar-Bar Road. Once you reach the road, just head back left to the start.
Alternatively you can park and start where the dirt road comes out and do the road bit at the beginning of the trail. I'd recommend this trail for spring, or fall. The uphill bit is very exposed to the weather and quite tough.
Take plenty of drinking water.
I rate this "difficult", because of the steep incline and very rocky paths.
I recommend my counterclockwise approach because of clearer landmarks (the hill) and better light for photos. Also this way you have the big views as a grand finale :-)

Alternative Parking & Start



The cistern had water in March, but don't count on it.

Fork PTT-Sutomore

Turn left towards Sutomore

Start Vrsuta Loop

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  • Слика од Ventania2

    Ventania2 07.01.2018.

    Great trail, newly marked with spray paint (yellow and bright green dots and arrows) from the cistern up Mt. Vrsuta. The poster is right -- don't underestimate this one. The last 400 meters up the mountain is really straight up the mountain (no switchbacks, just up.).

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