730 m
347 m
11,13 km

Погледана 3443 пут(a), скинута са сервера 60 пут(a)

близу  Tomewin, New South Wales (Australia)

This hike is somewhat more challenging than the walk to the peaks only, as with my previous hike to the Cougals. On the ascent to west peak I followed the ridge line proper with out using the lower terraces to the north to traverse over to west peak. This ridge line involves 5th class climbing close to the southern vertical cliffs. There is also fragile orchids and ferns, easily squished, so please be careful. An easier option is to traverse one of a number of lower terraces, then once under the west peak on the northern side watch out for a final steep climb up tree roots to the top. If you come across a section to steep for your party back track and take a lower terrace. Keep an eye out in spring for the flowering orchids, the southern cliffs are covered in them, very spectacular for the lovers of flora. The second half of the trek heads over to Boyds Butte. From east peak follow the northern ridge to the base of the cliffs and follow the base until the end. Follow the ridge line down into the rainforest. The rounded ridge is enveloped in thick forest infested with lawyer vines. The trail is currently taped and the increased use has trampled a decent trail to Boyds. However, don't lose the trail as the lawyer vines will get ya. There is three butts, the first one (south) has many easy options to climb. The second can be climbed from the saddle between the two. Look for a terrace on the eastern side covered in spear lilies, follow it up steeply to an obvious final climb. There is also a dangerous climb along the ridge from the saddle. The northern Butte, which is the most spectacular does not have a easy route up it. Please let me know if someone has climbed it without ropes.


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