195 m
34 m
10,07 km

Погледана 267 пут(a), скинута са сервера 14 пут(a)

близу Nova Varoš (Montenegro)

Starting at the St. Georges' chapel at the entrance to Gorica Park, the trail follows the official trail "465R Duklja via Malo brdo" to the roman ruins in Duklja. The view from the Malo brdo is worth the climb.
To return from Duklja cross the river Moraca on the railway bridge. (On a hot day crossing the river at the ford a 100 m downstream from the bridge is more fun.) Then follow the well trampled but unmarked footpath above the riverbank. This path will bring you back to the first bridge you crossed before. From there, retrace your steps to the start.

The hike is fairly easy and well marked in most places, though parts of the official trail on top of the hill and the descent to the bridge over river Zeta have obviously been planned from the comfort of an office chair. I did not see snakes on the hill, but a few legless skinks.
Not suitable for bikes or strollers.

I recorded the trail running. The walk will take you up to three hours.


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