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Uploaded 19.05.2010.

Recorded август 2009

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1.382 m
697 m
20,71 km

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близу  The Head, Queensland (Australia)

Steamers, Mt Superbus, Lincoln bomber circuit
Emu Vale base camp
Walk start
Creek crossing
Water fall
sign made out of aircraft wreckage
Engine block
more engine wreckage
Main wreck
Campsite above bomber wreck
Mt Superbus summit (highest point in SE QLD)
Bush campsite Mt Superbus
Trail junction to Teviot Gap
Mt Roberts summit
Lizard point campsite
Lizard Point

4 коментар(а)

  • Crookedpete 22.09.2013.

    Completed this circuit on 24/25 August, 2013.

    This is one of the most interesting and underrated hikes you could do in SEQ. The scenery is fantasic, with an interesting plane wreck to discover for good measure. Sure is one tough climb up to the Bomber. We camped at Lizard Point South. The old forestry trail along Emu Creek South is now completely overgrown with stinging nettle.

  • JAMusic 09.01.2014.

    Had a crack at just the bomber part but turned back, just looking for any tips as the track becomes quite confusing on the overgrown trail with all the coloured tape in the trees, (it seems it there to lead you the wrong way) i have read there is a split in the track prior to heading up the steep part to the wreck is this true?
    Also there is another track that shoots off to the right just a short distance from the car park - it slowly makes its way up the ridge for about 1500m but then seems the track is lost, is it leading anywhere in particular?

  • Alex Palmer 27.09.2014.

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  • Equivocator 03.09.2018.

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Great trail to do.
    Water is very unreliable at Lizard Camp (without significant descent downhill). Very reliable at the Falls, I would suggest grabbing enough for the night *and* the next morning here.
    Trail is barely a goat track (if that) in places but if you can read contours it's pretty easy to follow. There was quite a bit of Flagging tape marking trees between the Start and Mt Superbus summit (when completed Sept 2018) and a few sparse strips to Lizard point. None between Lizard point to the End.
    Trail was also over grown in a lot of places so allower for a slower pace than your usual as you'll be snagged on a lot of vines/trees.
    Quite a bit of Stinging Nettle in the creek areas, especially the last section of the creek after coming down from the Steamers.

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