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близу  Acojeja, Canarias (España)

An attractive route with views to the sea and the mountains, on traditional paths, Camino Cueva de la Teja to go up to Vera de Erques, and Camino Montiel to walk across to Las Fuentes. Then an easy walk down on the vehicle access track to Las Fuentes. On the route you can make a small diversion at the first waypoint to see an old winepress in a cave, and the troughs and old clothes washing sink. There is also an old water collection point for animal husbandry at the second waypoint. Unfortunately the paths are at some points a bit overgrown.

Una ruta preciosa con vistas al mar y a las montañas utilizando senderos traditionales, Camino Cueva de la Teja para subir a Vera de Erques y Camino Montiel para atravesar a Las Fuentes. La bajada es por la pista de tierra de acceso vehicular a Las Fuentes. Desafortunadamente los senderos están invadados por maleza en distintos sitios.
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    Tenerife Rambler 09.12.2013.

    I have followed this trail  View more

    A good walk in a scenically impressive region of the island. Good information on interesting features by Finca Montiel, I found the cave with the wine press using this trail, a feature that I had passed many times previously without realising it was there.

  • Слика од Tenerife Rambler

    Tenerife Rambler 09.12.2013.

    Should have mentioned in my review that most paths have been cleared since this trail was posted.

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