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Uploaded 23.09.2017.

Recorded септембар 2017

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750 m
3 m
16,48 km

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близу Tivat, Tivat (Montenegro)

Tivat to Kotor
Rotting Tree
T junction
High road
Gun Implacements

3 коментар(а)

  • Слика од Lasan

    Lasan 22.10.2017.

    Great trail.

  • Pierre-Hugo Moulines 20.05.2019.

    We did this trail today. Thats actually really hard to do. The way is really sauvage, lot of plants and hard to see where to go. Sometimes it's almost impossible to see the way if you don't have a GPS with you. 6 hours to do the trail kotor to tivat.


  • sherrie47 08.06.2019.

    I did trail today - pretty easy UNTIL u get to clearing where picnic table is & the first proper hike map is posted. The trail become very narrow & cliff like - I wished I had a machete to clear a path better. My legs are covered in thorn scratches. Plus 2 black snakes on trail - one really scared the crap out of me :). I walked for over a mile on rubble barely able to get thru then finally found a way to get up to road near the fortress. That part of trail is not marked well & thorn brush everywhere. Once on the road the hike down the ‘ladder’ to Kotor was awesome & pretty easy - which my 5 star rating is for Kotor side. Took me 8 hours walking from Porto Montenegro to Kotor using this route. It was 89degF today - so bring lots of water!

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