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Uploaded 25.11.2017.

Recorded новембар 2017

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близу Tivat, Tivat (Montenegro)



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  • Reelmquist 18.07.2019.

    Hello, my name is Rand, this is my first post. I was in Kotor and looked for a way to hike to Tivat, as a way to see the views. The sailing trip was the long route and I wanted some exercise.

    From Kotor, hike around the bay and take the stairs up. You should be able to see them from the upper streets, along the back of some modern apartments. These lead to switchbacks on stone ramparts, all the way until it flattens out. Good climb, if you are in good shape.

    At the top there is a gravel road along the ridge. Not the main one, which is dirt and heavily used. Take this gravel road to the right (north) a little while until you see a trail on the left, uphill.

    This leads to a camping spot and the larger dirt road. Exit the camping area and cross the road. Directly across, on the right at the crest, there I s a defile in the underbrush. It may have blackberry sticker bushes across, but when I was there in June there was a little arch through. This is the start of a road from who knows when that leads down toward the East, and Tivat.

    The old road parallels the ridge to the north for about a mile, then heads down into the valley. It is quite passable. Very nice views. When there is a way to the left, head down and by following blazes in red and blue circles you will reach an old chapel on the mountain. First, actually, a summer cabin and a well with running water.

    From there, just follow to the right side or north of the old chapel and you will reach a road that leads to the Tivat way, although it is 3 km to Tivat. Very hard to find this trail from Tivat because it arrives beside someone’s house at the end of the road

You can or this trail