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близу  Oberfelben, Salzburg (Austria)

Why worthwhile? Tour in a quiet environment from a tourist viewpoint in the Hohe Tauern Nationalpark.

Starting point: Parking lot at the Hintersee (1312m) accessible from Mittersill via the Felber Tauern Strasse. At around 7,5km from Mittersill, directly behind the 3rd tunnel take a right towards “Hintersee / Tauernhaus Spital” (road signs). After about 4km we reach the parking lot at the Hintersee [Mittersill (790m), Pinzgau – Salzburgerland]

Time: 4 – 4½ hours.

Difficulty Rating: 3 to 4

Details: Trassensteig is steep and accommodated with steel cables and several stairs. Long descent across Nassfeld. Mostly well marked and good paths. During mist keep an eye on your orientation across Nassfeld.
Route description

From the parking lot we walk in southern direction towards “Hintersee” and “Trassensteig” (road signs). We pass the lake on its left and pass the “Gamsblick Hütte” (1324m). After the sign “Hohe Tauern Nationalpark Kernzone” we cross a river. Around us we see several beautiful waterfalls. Following the red-white-red markings we first walk a bit alongside the “Felberbach”, but after a while we go left and up. Across a small staircase, than through overgrowth and alp meadows across a partially steep path. We arrive on a plateau (“Geiss Stein” 1614m) and from here the actual “Trassensteig” starts.

We first walk until we reach steep rocks with 2 short steel stairs. Than over about 100 height meters a fun steep climb accommodated with steel cables for support follows. After this climb we follow the path up the mountain, passing a waterfall to its right. After a somewhat steeper passage at about 2100m high we arrive at a fork in the road. In 20 – 30 minutes you can also walk to the “Platt See” from here. We take a left and follow the red-white-red markings. The path descends past a steep flank towards a broad plateau with a river: “Nassfeld”.

We cross the river and a short in between climb follows. At the highest point (about 2034m) a long descent follows: getting more steeply the further we descend towards the “Trudental”. From this valley the path goes to and fro across alp meadows down towards a forest. Here a bit across a beautiful forest path. Once we reach the asphalted road we go left back to the parking lot.

Done in 2004.


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