• Слика од Turure Waterfall
  • Слика од Turure Waterfall
  • Слика од Turure Waterfall
  • Слика од Turure Waterfall
  • Слика од Turure Waterfall
  • Слика од Turure Waterfall

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Uploaded 29.10.2018.

Recorded октобар 2018

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225 m
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близу  Cumaca, Sangre Grande (Republic of Trinidad and Tobago)

The Turure Watersteps is also known as the Cumaca Falls and is a series of limestone waterfalls located in the Cumaca forest just outside of Valencia. This short trek to the Turure Watersteps (Cumaca Falls) starts at the corner of the Cumaca Road & the Valencia Road at 10.65436°N and -61.181273°W. To get here from “Valencia Junction” located at 10.65258°N and -61.20211°W you would keep left heading 79° along the Valencia Road. At the Cumaca Road you would continue heading 55°. Initially the Cumaca Road is fairly driveable but it slowly gets pretty bad to drive on. You’d follow the road past the Cumaca Blue Limestone Quarry. The trailhead to the series of waterfalls starts just before the bridge located at 10.67953°N and -61.16648°W. Follow the trail heading uphill slightly at 34°. This is a very gently sloping trails with quite a few shallow river crossings. When I did it on September 30th, 2018 it was raining and the water level was just about waist high at best.
The first river crossing is located at 10.68081°N and -61.16818°W, the second at 10.68037°N and -61.68888°W, the third at 10.68291°N and -61.17098°W, the fourth at 10.68409°N and -61.17188°W and the fifth at 10.68516°N and -61.17155°W. The trail markers are always on the opposite bank and are all clearly visible. The first waterstep is located at 10.68552°N and -61.17165°W and there’s a series of watersteps upriver leading to the main waterfall located at 10.68572°N and -61.17151°W. It is easy to walk upriver to get from one waterstep to the next or just follow the trails that goes along the left side of the river. Some of the rocks are slippery to exercise a bit of caution. On this day I encountered a few Horse-flies along the trail and some mosquitoes so a bit of insect repellent should help.
Get out there and explore this really lovely, relatively pristine, and delightfully simple trail. I'd like to thank Jfjoshuafrancis for logging the trail when my device failed on two occasions for this trail.
Happy Trails.

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  • Слика од Trini Hiker

    Trini Hiker 29.10.2018.

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    Very scenic trail, quite accessible and well marked... Great time...

  • Minstral_Gypsy 24.03.2019.

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    Very easy trail and extremely beautiful scenery...

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