1.052 m
925 m
12,08 km

Погледана 400 пут(a), скинута са сервера 11 пут(a)

близу  Gusinje, Opština Plav (Montenegro)

Hiking Via Dinarica White Trail Montenegro - Albania (official bordercrossing)

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A truly unique guesthouse experience in the northernmost alpine region of Albania! This classic highland structure has been lovingly and artfully converted into a hostel-style guesthouse and campground, completed with an outdoor bar with tree-house seating! Set against the stunning mountain backdrop, this is a perfect start for exploration of the Albanian outdoors. <p>You will pass pleasant days in the originality of the house and be hosted by the family members sipping a good coffee in the bar constructed on cherry branches. Here you have the space for camping.</p> <p>Vasil would be happy to include you in the mountain stories and typical songs of shepherds.</p>
Josefina and Florida


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